Board and Committees

The Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Board of Directors consists of nine members elected by the LOM membership, one ELCA Churchwide Representative, and two members elected by the board.  The board is responsible for managing the affairs of the organization, defining the mission and vision statements of the organization for review and approval by the membership, and relate to the ELCA churchwide organization.  The board also engages in planning for specific goals and objectives that will ensure the organization is an effective tool for ministry by its member organizations and the church.  It also maintains proper standards for ethical and legal operation.  Here is a list of the 2017 Board of Directors:

Casey Fuerst, President
Deanna Christensen, Vice President
Rev. Dustin Lenz, Secretary
Dave Jarvis, Treasurer

Mark Burkhardt
Dave Herder
Branden Hunt
Rev. Meggan Manlove
Rev. Lucille Mills
Lindsey Scheid
Jake Sorenson

Executive Director:  Don Johnson

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is an organization that relies heavily on volunteer involvement. We rely on the work and dedication of our Board of Directors and committees to keep us relevant and moving forward in our service to members.  Committees are listed below.  If you would like to know more about any committee, or are interested in sharing your gifts by serving on a committee, please contact the chair person indicated below.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum team is responsible for developing a yearly curriculum to be used by Outdoor Ministry sites.  They also seek input and ideas on how to streamline and improve the development and distribution of the annual curriculum.

Current members:  Logan Gooch, Chair; Rev. Meggan Manlove, Board Liaison; David Box, Jesse Weiss, Judy Smith

Email the chair at

Development Committee

This committee works to raise awareness of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries beyond our sites, seeking new supporters and ways to keep LOM financially sound.  They also help to spearhead the annual LOM Auction as well as inviting members to give additional gifts to LOM.

Current members:  Dave Holtz, Chair; Dave Herder, Board Liaison; Joel Abenth, Anthony Briggs, Evan Moilan, Knute Ogren, Richard Sayther, Jim Schade, Rev. Janis Sloka, and Kristen Wiersma.

Education Committee

The LOM Education Committee identifies, encourages, promotes, develops and/or assists in developing educational events in response to the needs of Lutheran Outdoor Ministry professionals. It is responsible for planning, staffing, conducting, and evaluating the annual  Leadership Training Events – Program Track and Administrative Track, Board Training Events, and Professional Training Events. This committee is also responsible for the endorsement of additional educational opportunities.

Current Members:  Gretchen Bachman, Chair; Rev. Lucille Mills, Board Liason; Marianne Brock, Jenny Frantz, Rev. Phil Geleske, Matt Kindsvatter, Andrea Scofield, and Randy Youngquist-Thurow, Events Coordinator


Member Relations Committee

The purpose of the member relations committee is to sustain and grow the membership for LOM.  The committee is composed of six members, with at least one member from the LOM Board.  The focus of the membership committee involves recruiting and enlisting members annually along with managing, evaluating, and developing benefits for its members.

Current Members:  Jake Hanson, Chair;  Branden Hunt, Board Liaison; Korey Breutzmann, Rev. Nathan Clements, Kathryn Schaefer, Dianna Parks, Dana Isaacson, Sarah Lefler, Maddie Gray

Nominating Committee

This committee obtains nominations for positions within LOM.  These positions are voted on at the annual conference.

Current Members:  Jeff Bluhm, Chair; Brent Seaks, C. J. Clark, Deb Roberts, Casey Backus, Susan Troutman

Technology and Communications Committee

This committee oversees the website, our e-newsletter, Facebook groups, and other communication avenues to keep the network connected and informed.  The committee also provides resources for enhancing the technology in local camp sites.

Current Members:  Angie Pile, Chair; Lindsey Scheid, Board Liaison; Ben Larson, Noah McCoy, Mara Stillson, Grant Winter; Chad Hershberger, LOM Webmaster

2017 Conference Planning Team

Brad Abbott, Chair – Sky Ranch, CO
Dave Jarvis – Rainbow Trail, CO
Andrea Scofield – Lutherwood, Oregon
Katie Logan
Nathan Clements – Flathead, MT
Kyle Lefler – Flathead, MT
Randy Youngquist-Thurow – Event Coordinator