Mentorship Program

The LOM Mentoring Program is designed to connect Lutheran Outdoor Ministry professionals in a supportive and nurturing environment. By pairing experienced OM veterans with those who are just joining this exciting and dynamic profession we hope to enhance the ministry happening in camps and extend the duration of the LOM professional’s service through “one-to-one” personal connections.

Whether you are a seasoned camp director, or just starting in your position, you can benefit from the mentoring program! Share and explore this ministry with a colleague who can encourage, challenge, and celebrate with you. We hope that the through mentor/mentee relationship a partnership and friendship will form so that there is always someone in your life that you can count on when you need them the most.

If you are interested in being a mentor or having a mentor please fill out the information below and you will be directed to fill out a short questionnaire. Once your questionnaire has been received, it will be reviewed and you will receive further information about the mentor/mentee relationship. We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful experience!

Registration and Matching

  • Lutheran Outdoor Ministry professionals interested in volunteering as mentors or seeking a mentor, should register by completing the form above. You will be directed to fill out a short questionnaire.
  • The Mentoring Program’s point person, will match mentors with incoming requests from mentees, which is primarily based on the occupation and interests of the mentor and mentee.
  • If a mentor has a specific mentee in mind, or visa versa, that request needs to be documented on each registration form.
  • Matched mentors and mentees will be given each other’s contact information and encouraged to have an initial meeting within one week of being matched.
  • Once matched there are no specific guidelines but rather responsibilities that the mentor and mentee are aware of prior to applying for the program.

The Mentor

Who can be a mentor?

  • Experienced Lutheran Outdoor Ministry professionals.
  • Executive Directors
  • Directors
  • Program Leadership
  • Other Directors and Staff

Why should you be a mentor?

  • Bestow your knowledge on others.
  • Enhance your own professional knowledge- you’ll learn from your mentee!
  • It’s a chance to give back.
  • Develop your professional network.
  • It’s an opportunity to work with the next generation.
  • Over time you will develop a personal and professional relationship.

How much time will this take?

You determine the time and attention you give your mentee. Effective mentoring need not always require large amounts of time. A perceptive mentor can provide great help in just a few minutes by making the right suggestion or asking the right question.Hold your self accountable to at least one bi-weekly check in. Conversations and your interaction will become more natural and free flowing the more you get to know one another. The more time and effort you put in, the more you and your mentee will gain.

What can you expect?

We hope through this partnership you and your mentee will gain mutual respect, trust, and understanding. Whether through phone calls or in person meetings you will be able to share life experiences and wisdom, as well as job related advice.


  • At least five years of experience in the LOM field.
  • A specific skill set that you can share with others.
  • Good moral character and integrity.
  • Emotional maturity and stability.
  • The desire and ability to communicate openly with your mentee.
  • Ability to teach your mentee and problem solve if necessary.
  • Willingness to spend time getting to know your mentee.


  • Take special interest in helping your mentee.
  • Hold your self accountable to at least one bi-weekly check in.
  • One year commitment for both parties.
  • Give emotional and moral encouragement.
  • Give specific feedback on job performance.
  • Be a source of information and aid in obtaining opportunities.
  • Take special interest in helping your mentee develop into a successful Lutheran Outdoor Ministry professional.
  • Be a good listener and good observer.
  • Make an effort to know, accept, respect and champion the goals and interests of your mentee.
  • Promote your mentee’s confidence, self-advocacy, and independent thinking.
  • Offer your mentee constructive criticism as well as praise.
  • Help your mentee build their network within the outdoor ministry family.

The Mentee

Who can be a mentee?

  • New members to LOM
  • Members who have not gotten “plugged-in” yet
  • Anyone!

Why be a mentee?

  • Because having a mentor can jump-start your career.
  • Learn new things about yourself.
  • Make more of your strengths and exploit your hidden talents.
  • Expand your personal network.
  • Reach goals by shortening the learning curve.
  • Gain advice from an unbiased party.