Membership Philosophy

Camp and retreat center professionals and board members need powerful and supportive relationships. As leaders, we understand the importance of “relationships,” but we often neglect our own needs in this regard. Thus, LOM is the place where professionals and boards can find friends, mentors, support, insight, and wisdom from colleagues who care about you and understand camp and retreat center leadership.  At LOM we strive to nurture a culture of generosity and mutuality so that you and future  leaders can be surrounded by a supportive network.  In 2016, we made the shift to a donation-based organization. Individuals and organizations give on the basis of capacity to make financial contributions and in gratitude for what LOM makes possible for us to do together, not because of what their contributions can “purchase.”

Membership Philosophy (Adopted by the LOM Board on January 8, 2016):  Members are all outdoor ministry organizations affiliated with the ELCA, all of their board members and year-round staff; and individual donors to LOM who are not serving as staff or board members of LOM organizations. The services and resources of LOM are available to member organizations and individual members. Individual members have voice and vote at LOM meetings.

Funding Philosophy of LOM:  In order to provide services and resources that meet the needs of our members, LOM depends on annual contributions from members and partners based on their gratitude for what LOM provides and prayerful consideration of their financial capacity to give.  Member Gifts  are gratefully received from:

  • Sustaining Individuals  (Individuals who make an annual contribution): Individual donors who are not staff or board members of LOM organizations have voice and vote at official LOM meetings.
  • Sustaining Organizations (LOM Organizations who make an annual contribution)

Partner Gifts are gratefully received from:

  • Business Partners (Organizations not affiliated with the ELCA who make an annual, unrestricted contribution at a rate established annually by the LOM Board): This category will include voice (not vote) at official LOM meetings for one person.
  • Ministry Partners (Organizations affiliated with the ELCA or ecumenical partners of the ELCA who make an annual, unrestricted contribution at a rate established annually by the LOM Board): This category will include voice (not vote) at official LOM meetings for one person.

How can you or your organization support this network?  Contribute an annual gift to LOM. We encourage sustaining supporters to discern a contribution that reflects their ability to support LOM to the fullest. Below is a list of suggested levels of giving for the sustainable operation of LOM.

Organization Giving Levels:
$25 – $499:  Encouraging Circle
$500 – $999:  Educating Circle
$1,000 – $1,999:  Equipping  Circle
$2,000 – $3,499:  Empowering Circle
$3,500 – $4,999:  Sustaining Circle
$5,000 +:  Onward and Upward Circle

Individual Giving Levels:
$25 – $99:  LOM Advocates Group
$100 – $299:  Forward Progress Group
$300 – $499:  Capacity Builders Group
$500 – $999:  Visionary Group
$1,000 +:  Bold and Faithful Leaders Group

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Ministry Partner (non-Outdoor Ministry groups and organizations affiliated with the ELCA)
Contribution of any amount

Benefits available to all LOM Individual and ELCA Outdoor Ministry Organizations:

  • Annual Conference full of opportunities for education, networking, collaborating, and renewal
  • Leadership Training Events including the Program Track to develop and deliver program and the Administrative Track for directors and executives.
  • Board Training Events that strengthen boards and give a “bigger picture”
  • Summer Program Curriculum filled with resources developed each year
  • Transition Support to organizations through educating, training, and administering interim leaders as well as counseling boards in the process
  • Executive Leadership Assistance with the ability to post resumes, job openings, job descriptions and to see and respond to job postings
  • Advocacy by speaking on behalf of LOM Members to the ELCA and ministry partners within it; current and potential business partners – Thrivent Financial, Tech, Planning and Consulting; and Ecumenical and other partners and organizations – PCCCA, United Methodists, NCC, ACA
  • Research and education in regards to trends and statistical information related to the network, the ELCA, our cultural context
  • Mentoring for those entering OM or changing positions within their organizations or the network