Outdoor Ministry Curriculum

LOM offers curricula for use with Vacation Bible School programs.  Our VBS bundles are perfect for congregations and organizations who want to run their own Vacation Bible School program, without paying for pricy boxed sets.  The VBS packages include:

  • Preschool Bible study (in the newer curriculum only)
  • Lower Elementary Bible study
  • Upper Elementary Bible Study
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Graphics

For more information and to preview the curricula, please visit http://www.lomnetwork.org/resources/omcurriculum/.

The following are available to purchase in a VBS bundle:

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Faith Alive

"Faith Alive!" focuses on five traditional spiritual practices of the Christian tradition—Bible (study), worship, prayer, hospitality, and service—as entrées into the way of Jesus lived in the lives of his followers. These spiritual practices are also traditional components of a camper’s experience in an outdoor ministry setting – either at camp or in a church day camp setting. A word about faith practices is in order. First, they are what they say they are, that is, practices. This implies that to be effective, they must be practiced—daily, consistently, purposefully. As with any practice, one goes through periods of boredom or a lack of initiative in the spiritual practices. This is normal. But if the practices are going to become a regular part of one’s routine and yield the fruit of renewal, it is important to keep at them even through the dry times. Second, a practice may be new to you and thus not second nature. At first, you may feel awkward engaging in the practice. This also is normal. But soon, as you participate daily, the practice will become second nature and a part of who you are. Soon you may find you feel empty when you miss your practice even one day. Finally, many of the spiritual practices are interrelated, that is, as you engage in one practice, you find yourself also engaging in another almost as a matter of course. That is certainly true in this study. It is simply impossible to engage in Bible study without a prayerful outlook and attitude. One cannot engage in service without studying what the tradition says about hospitality, and so forth. As stated above, one practice may well lead to another, which leads to another, which leads to another. Perhaps this is one reason faith practices hold out the promise of spiritual renewal.

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The Spirit was present at creation. Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to be with his followers after his death. The Holy Spirit, he said, would remind them of who he was and would continue to teach them and guide them. After he died and was raised from death, Jesus came to the disciples, who were in fear behind locked doors. In that room where he found them, Jesus breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:22). As in the beginning God when created and enlivened the first human being by speaking and breathing, so by his breath and words, Jesus gave new life to a humanity recreated in his resurrection. Day by day the Holy Spirit continues with us. Our life is in the Spirit—it is Spiritlife.

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