Executive Directors

Executive Directors function as the chief executive officer for the organization with responsibility for overall leadership in the organization. Responsibilities typically include leadership in the areas of administration, program, financial development and planning. Executive directors report directly to the board of directors.

Executive Director – Lutherlyn,
Prospect, PA

General Responsibilities:The Executive Director shall have a demonstrated Christian faith; shall be responsible for carrying out the ministry of the Corporation in accordance with the policies and by-laws established by the Board of Directors; shall be responsible for the five core ministry areas of: summer camp, retreats, the equestrian program, the adventure program, and the Lutherlyn Environmental Education program; shall implement the Strategic Direction, hire and supervise staff; create and manage an annual budget.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required, Masters degree preferred; minimum of 5 yrs. experience in management, non-profit management preferred; demonstrated administration skills of organization, finances, budgeting, decision-making, delegation, communication, and computer skills; ability to cultivate an accepting environment; ability to raise funds; possess a working understanding of Lutheran ecclesiology and theology in an outdoor ministry setting; completion of PA clearances and a background check.

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For More Information Contact:
Rev. Sandra Jones, Search Committee chair or 814-589-7660 or 814-516-4002

Application Deadline: August 18, 2017

Executive Director -- Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp & Retreat Center
Fort Valley, VA

General Responsibilities: Oversee all aspects of running camp and retreats

Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree, and previous Camp Director Experience

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For More Information Contact:
Allison Ryals

Application Deadline: August 15, 2017

Executive Director – Bethel Horizons
Dodgeville, WI

General Responsibilities: The position of Executive Director of Bethel Horizons is responsible advancing the Strategic Plan as it fosters a better understanding of God, Self, Others and Nature The position of Executive Director of Bethel Horizons is responsible for all operations at Bethel Horizons to include shepherding its vision, managing staff, managing fiscal stewardship, fundraising and marketing.

Qualifications: The Executive director should be grounded in the Lutheran tradition of the Christian faith and have a passion for proclaiming the Gospel and serving others in the name of Christ. The candidate should have experience in camp and retreat center management, bringing a contagious energy, enthusiasm, and a willingness to share with the broader church and community. The ideal candidate should have experience in financial development, people management skills.

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For More Information Contact:
Phil Pielage - President of Horizons Board

Application Deadline: 8/18/17

Executive Director – Koinonia
Highland Lake, NY

General Responsibilities: Summary of Position: The Executive Director leads the ministry of Koinonia, is empowered by the Gospel of Jesus to be instrumental in creating an environment and community that helps to strengthen congregations in the metro New York region. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. Key duties are to personify, embody, be and live koinonia (means community in Greek). Other key duties include fundraising, marketing

Qualifications: Qualifications and Experience— • 8 yrs experience in a Christian Ministry at a Managerial/ Supervisory role preferred with prior experience as Executive Director or Associate Director in Lutheran outdoor ministries also preferred. • The candidate shall be a practicing Lutheran in good standing familiar with Lutheran teaching and practice. • Physically able to handle the demands and rigors of a schedule and responsibilities that can result in long and demanding days in an outdoor environment.

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For More Information Contact:
David Leaver or 914-262-5174

Application Deadline: August 7, 2017