Who We Are

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries encourages, educates, equips, and empowers bold
and faithful outdoor ministry leaders for service in the Church and the world.

~ LOM Mission Statement

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM) is an association of outdoor ministry organizations, professionals, board members, businesses, and students connected to Lutheran camping, conferences, and retreats.  Our programs reach God's children of all ages though summer camping programs, retreat opportunities, hospitality, team building activities, and partnership with congregations.  Our sites are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which states that “...outdoor ministries strive to strengthen, support and lift up the body of Christ through building relationships with others and with God while enjoying creation.”  LOM is a vibrant and diverse community, committed to deepening faith - in rustic cabins and in state-of-the-art retreat centers, on mountaintops, on city streets, on ocean shores. 

Outdoor ministries encourage spiritual growth for the whole person by providing encounter with scripture, experience and care of the environment, staff witness, and opportunities for worship, re-creation, and relationship development through intentional Christian community. Camp experiences are valuable.

 Outdoor Ministries help build skills necessary to prepare youth to assume roles as successful adults. Parents, campers, and camp staff report growth in areas such as self-confidence, independence, making friends, exploring and learning new activities, and spirituality. Camp provides growth experiences for youth that can benefit them through adulthood.

Outdoor ministries offer a wide variety of programs that provide growth experiences for people of all ages, many of whom become leaders in the church and their communities. The impact of outdoor ministries is far-reaching.  In partnership with congregations, outdoor ministries strive to strengthen, support and lift up the body of Christ through building relationships with others and with God while enjoying creation.

We are:

  • 130 outdoor ministry sites
  • 85 outdoor ministry organizations
  • 300 full time directors
  • 3,500 summer staff
  • 30,000 acres of land
  • 175,000 summer campers
  • 275,000 fall/winter/spring campers and retreaters

LOM Core Values Statement

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries value...

  • the power of the Holy Spirit calling us to faithfully witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ in outdoor and service learning centers. We seek to be Christ-centered and Theologically Grounded.
  • its commitment to walk faithfully with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and other churches as they seek to express their faith and witness in a changing world. We seek to be an Integral Partner in Mission.
  • its understanding that God calls us to serve all people. We seek to be Diverse and Inclusive.
  • its openness to grow in faith, spirit, and vision to respond to the changing needs of our church and community through exciting, nurturing programs. We seek to be Innovative, Timely, Intentional, and Creative.
  • its commitment to strengthen relationships within and beyond the outdoor ministry network. We seek to be a Connecting Point for people, Grounded in Relationships.
  • its dedication to educational excellence. We seek to be a Provider of Education, Support, and Consultation for outdoor ministry sites and leaders.
  • its emphasis on hospitality. We seek to practice Servanthood, Discipleship, and Creation Stewardship.